Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This "Stuff my Stocking" promotion has been so much fun for us. My staff says they feel like Santa's elves every morning. We have your stockings (and by stockings, I mean pink shopping bags) all lined up ready to be stuffed. So far, we have 30 people participating! Day Two, the fabric folding pen and magic fabric crayons are sold out! Please check my blog, if it's late in the day to see if the daily special is sold out or not, as I will post as soon as it sells out.

If you haven't jumped into the game, it's not too late, as Thursday's promotion is my Continuous Bias Guide bundled with my standard 1/4" welt cord and my 1/8" micro welt cord. Both cords come in a 20 yard package, are 100% polyester, and don't twist or shrink. The Continuous Bias Guide has been improved and now comes in hot pink. Click here for more info! The retail on this is $16.00; our "Stuff my Stocking" special is $10.00! As always, sales are limited to stick on hand and when it's gone, it's gone!

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