Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Starting my Blog!

At the encouragement of my good friend Beckah Krahula, I'm starting my blog.

It's funny how years and years pass by, and then people who were so instrumental in our lives some 30 some years ago just pop back into our lives. This year, I've been contacted by two dear old friends who were in my art program, back in high school.

My friend Beckah, who I grew up knowing as "Becky" is an amazing mixed-media artist, and has done well for a "North Country Girl". She now lives in San Antonio, where she works from her studio when she's not off teaching at this show or that museum. She and her husband confess to own the world's most spoiled dogs! (I beg to differ: note my new company logo!)

My other friend is Jon Harcharek who's a vice president at a PR company in the Princeton NJ area. I'd say that Jon has also done well for a "North Country Boy" but the truth is Jon was never "North Country". His exceptional talents have given him a happy life, including a house full of children and a professional chef as his life partner.

And as for me, I'm married to my best friend, who has the patience of a saint. I think after 22 years of marriage, he's finally starting to "get me".

My Goals for 2009:
  • to travel to cities I've yet visited, doing keynotes, seminars and workshops
  • to continue my quest to have worked in every US state
  • to get at least ONE of my books I'm working on published!
  • to become better at technology