Friday, March 27, 2009

How did they know it was spring?

It was the morning of the first day of spring, and I awoke to the most splendid thing. The ice was gone! And, not only was the ice gone off the lake in front of my house, there were tons of geese honking everywhere. I had to ask myself, "How did the ice know to go away this morning? And how did the geese know it was spring too?" Now, keep in mind there's still ice farther out on the broad lake, but in front of my house, spring has sprung! woooo whoooo! (FYI: I'm still not ready to hang up my new skis for the season. I expect to get in at least another few weeks of skiing in!)

And with spring, we all have the feeling of a new beginning. For me, I'm working on my new book. It's going to be a how-to window treatment book unlike no other! I'm looking for designs for my "inspiration pages", so if you've purchased my templates, and you like to enter the design competition, and see your name in print, please email me for the application.

This is the sunrise from my home. The mountain straight ahead with the point is where we ski!