Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mmmmmm Vacation!

Here are some photos from a whirlwind vacation. We spent a most amazing day at a Scandinavian Spa, where we sat under hot waterfalls, icy waterfalls (brrr. . .but oh so refreshing), steam baths, dry saunas, hot tubs & relaxation rooms.
I was so relaxed at one point while trying to read my book, I fell asleep!

We spent a day of golfing on a championship golf course, which looked like it was designed by a mountain goat! Even with alcohol, I had no business being on this course. (p.s. yes, I did cheat and I'm not ashamed to admit it!)

We had an amazing culinary experience at an acclaimed French restaurant. This restaurant boast to be one of the few in the world (24 to be exact) to possess the coveted duck press. The chef, Olivier Tali, has added his own twist to this protected recipe. He had to approach the recipe preservation society, known as the "Master's Canardier Association" to be approved, before offering this change to his customers. This recipe is called "Duckling a` la Rouennaise", and the duck is literally pressed to extract all the blood to make the most amazing sauce!

On this mountaintop, the panoramic views were nothing less than spectacular. From the summit, we watched at the weather turned almost instantly from sunshine, the where it began to rain on our little French village, watching the storm travel up the mountain to where we sat enjoying our lunch. After it passed, we descended in a gondola, much like the ones we have at our home mountain, and drove through the mountains.

My friends humored me one evening and let me cook some of my favorite dishes. I SOOO love shopping in food store of different countries, the cheeses, olives, breads and pates make me salivate in the aisles. This market was no disappointment! Escargot: 2-dozen for $1.29 in USD! (Should have bought a case!) Look for this recipe in a future blog!

Our resort had a private movie theater, where we could reserve time, and choose a movie from their library. Since the English TV was at a premium, we reserved and had our own private viewing of ”Catch me if you Can”. (I wanted a movie that would appeal to the men in our group, with out turning off the women. 27 dresses just wasn’t going to cut it!)

We finished off the vacation with few days with extended family and a birthday celebration for our Aunt Vivian (known as Vin). She turned 80, and with her children & grand children, we represented the rest of the family and helped her celebrate. She is truly an amazing woman, having worked as a nurse her whole life, including a stint in Algiers. She raised four children alone who have gone on to marry well, and have great careers. I have only one thing to say: when with the Gledhills, be prepared to PARTY!

It’s good to be home. I need a rest after this vacation!! I'm ready for the slower pace of a work schedule.

Sew Sensational Tour NYC '09

NYC Sew Sensational
Fabric Tour
On Memorial weekend I took a small group around my favorite fabric MECCA, New York City, for the Sew Sensational Fabric Tour. Among the many fun things we did, some of the weekend highlights were: Touring the FIT Museum Fashions exhibit, going to Liberty Island, the Cloisters, the Empire State Building at night, The Metropolitan Museum’s Fashion Exhibit, seeing Broadway’s “Wicked”, going to Mood Fabrics, M&J Trimmings, Paron’s Fabrics, and surprising fun was “the Spandex House”! Ladies on the tour aged from 20 to (lets just say older than 20). But I think on of the most memorable activities for me was going to mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. (Definitely a must-do on next year's trip) Next year’s trip will be more fun than ever!
Here we are at the Cloisters!