Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My 3oth anniversary in Business!

Dear Friends,
Since this marks my 30th anniversay in business, I'm offering 30% off specials each month to everyone on my email list. These specials are not listed on my webpage! If you're not currently on my email list, please email me to get on my list. My next special is going out this week!

Also, I'm the new Home Dec Expert for Sew News, so if you have a decorating question you'd like to have answered, please feel free to write and ask. All published questions will receive a free Decorating Diva How-to DVD!

Happy Decorating!

2011 International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City

I’m so excited to be at the Salt Lake City Quilt Market! I’m here in booth 840 working for the Hamil Group.

Sidebar: the Hamil group is a well know fabric company supplying fabrics for clothing manufacturers, as well producing great lines of cotton “quilters” weight cotton and home dec fabrics.

My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to design projects made from their fabrics, along with written instructions for all to enjoy. For more info and photos of Quilt Market, go to, and check "like" on my new page!