Monday, January 9, 2017

Pillow Construction 

·      Pillow Body - Main fabric: 1- 15” x 18” (pillow front), 1- 15” x 21” (pillow back), 1-3” x 21”(zipper placket)
·      Pillow Body - Green accent fabric: 1- 15” x 22”
·      Pink accent: cut into 3 ½ yards of 1 ½” wide bias
·      Fantastic Fusible fabric backing, cut to match each of three pieces of pillow body

Begin by fusing the fabric backing to the wrong side of each fabric. This will add body to your fabrics without compromising on the hand of the fabric.

Pillow front
·      Fold one end of the fabric over 5”. Fold again to create a 2 ½” double fold hem. Press flat, and mark for button holes.

·      With a FriXion Pen mark a line ¾” from 
the folded edge.

·      Mark each buttonhole 2 ¾” apart, starting 
at the center.

·      Mark the center first then mark two more 
on each side of the center mark.

·      OR, if you’re using a print like the sample, 
use the pattern repeat to determine where 
the buttonhole spacing will be.

·      Place your snap-on buttonhole foot 
on your sewing machine.

·      Select your desired buttonhole on the touch screen. 
Pull down the “lever”, with it’s tab behind the tab on the foot.

·      Make each perfect button hole.

Helpful Hints:
Highlight the scissor tab on your screen, and your Destiny II will cut your thread automatically once the buttonhole is completed.

When you unplug the foot control, buttonhole can be made by simply pressing the “Start Stop” button.

·      Once all five buttonholes are made, cut the buttonholes open. (My preferred method is using Button hole scissors).

·      Press flat.

Green Accent Fabric
·      Fold accent fabric in half, wrong sides together, so your fabric measures 11” by 15”. 

Overlap print fabric over the green folded edge. Pin
together positioning so the pillow from measures 21” from

end to end.

·      With your FriXion Pen, mark lines through each button hole onto the green.

·      Draw a line parallel to the fold, along the ends of your buttonhole lines.

·      Make your buttonholes and cut open. Set both front pieces aside. 

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