Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Making Bias Rope, Piping and trimming off the "Dog Ears".

Using your fat quarter accent fabric, make 3 ½” yards of 1 ½” wide bias. Divide into two pieces, with one at 2 yards and one at 1 ½ yards.

The Chain Rope
·      Fold 54” of 1 ½” bias in half lengthwise and stitch with a ¼” seam allowance.

·      With a size 3 Fast Turn Tube turner, slide bias tube over tuber turner. Using the twisted wire that came with your tube, twist through the end of the fabric. 

Prepare 54” of Valance Welt by wrapping scotch tape at one end. Stuff the cord into the tube as you start to pull the wire through.

·      Pull loops through each button hole of both pieces, thus joining them together. Pull one loop trough the other as shown, with two loops going up and two loops going down.

·      Pin center loop in place.

·      Use the Ultimate Pillow Template 20” corner to
trim each of the corners of your pillow front.

·      If you don’t own the Ultimate Template, use a ruler to gently taper each side of your pillow. Our is trimmed abut ¾” on each side.

Note: Trimming the “dog ears” on pillows will vary from pillow to pillow depending on the size, so the above measurement is not universal!

·      With the remaining 2 yards of bias, make piping using the micro welt cord.

·      Trim seam allowance to ½” using the 5 in 1 Ruler.

·      Starting in the center on the bottom edge, with raw edges together, sew your piping onto your pillow front. Clip the seam allowances at the corner

·      Hold cord in place as you turn the corners.

·      Trim the starting end of your piping at a 45° and overlap your cord about 2 ½”, before trimming off excess.


·      Remove stitching from one end of piping, exposing cord. Trim cord to match piping angle.

·      With your fabric folded under 
as shown, wrap bias around cord, hold in place and sew down.


  1. Couldn't get your GFC to work to follow your blog

  2. How do we download the directions?

  3. Pam, I'm looking for the heart fabric used in this project. Can you provide me with the name/manufacture or something to find it?