Monday, January 9, 2017

For anyone who wants to sew along and make my pillow in the Baby Lock Love of sewing Challenge, here is the supply list!

The Love Chain Pillow
by Pam Damour

This fun pillow is a great way to learn how easy it is to make buttonholes on your Baby Lock!

·      Print fabric for front & back: ½ yards
·      Solid fabric for front: (shown as green) 15” x by the width of material or a fat quarter
·      Accent fabric for piping and covered cord: 1 fat quarter
·      Large decorative button, or button to cover, size 60
·      One bag of Pam’s Perfect Puff & Stuff or a 14” x 20” pillow form
·      2 yards of Micro Welt Cord
·      1 ½ yards of Valance Welt Cord
·      21” of zipper tape and 1 zipper slide

Other suggested notions
·      Ultimate pillow template
·      Basting tape
·      Snip-it Scissors
·      1 Package of Fantastic Fusible Fabric Backing
·      Fasturn Tube Turner, size 3
·      Scrap of Dacron batting (enough for 2 – 2” squares)
·      Continuous Bias Guide
·      Large decorative button, or a size 60 button to cover
·      1” Sample button for spacing
·      FriXion Pen


  1. Hi Pam! I love what I am seeing. I was wondering if there is a way to print out all this great information and how to's ? My computer is nowhere near my computer and I need to have the directions with me in my sewing room. Thanks in advance!

  2. Yes please I need to Print out the instructions too.