Wednesday, February 17, 2016

DSC_0428.jpgMaking a Ruffle on your Pillow



  • Ruffler Foot made specifically for your sewing machine. (Not a generic one)
  • Fabric for ruffle: Cut width is twice the finished width plus 1” seam allowance by 2 ½ times the desired finished length.
    To Make:

  • DSC_0525.jpgFold cut ruffle fabric in half lengthwise, with wrong sides together, and serge or zig zag edges. Trim the starting end to a point.
  • Set your ruffler to setting 1, which will make 1 tiny pleat for each stitch the sewing machine makes.  Adjust the fullness of the ruffle by adjusting the set screw up or down. If needed, the fullness can also be adjusted by the length of the stitch.
  • Always do a gauge before starting your ruffle project. Using your actual ruffle fabric, place two pins 10” apart. Gather, and adjust settings until the pins measure 4” apart. Now you’re ready to make your ruffle!




  • DSC_0532.jpgWhen making a ruffle, place fabric in between the two layers of black teeth.
    Note: A brass stiletto is a helpful tool to use when making ruffle.
  • Start your ruffle like this.
  • DSC_0382.jpgEnd like this, overlapping about 2”. If you have extra ruffle, scrunch up, and sew across the ruffle.
  • Trim of the excess.

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