Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thank you to everyone who thinks this promotion is fun! I think it's fun too, but I can't take the credit. My sewing machine dealer friend in Fairfield, Ohio share it with me, and our mutual sewing machine dealer friend in Indiana shared it with her and many others, so thank you Donnelle for such a fun promotion! Day two's special is SOLD OUT! 

Here's day three of "Stuff my Stocking"! When I discussed this with my staff, we wanted to offer the most popular and most useful products from our website. Today, we offer our pleat tape at $8.50 per roll. If you've never tried it, or even seen how it works, click here for the video clip. You can buy one of each size if you wish! pleat tape

To buy today's stocking stuffer, just email us and say "stuff my stocking". We'll need either a credit card or a paypal address for the billing. We'll send everything out after the twelve day promotion, which ends December 14th, with a flat rate shipping of $7.50.

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