Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stuff my Stocking Day 12

Today is the last day of my 12 day "Stuff my Stocking" promotion.  For the last day I'm offering something everyone can use, even if they don't sew! Yes, I know. . .there are people who don't sew. . .(but not anyone I know!!)
The Proportional Scale is a simple little tool that makes life so much easier! If you've ever sat at your copier making copy after copy, trying to re-size something, then you need this. Its great for resizing patterns, quilt designs, photographs and more. You can re-size from 1/2" to 50"! All you do is line up the inner wheel (your original size) with the outer wheel (your desired size), and the arrow points to the percentage where your copier needs to be set. Click here for the demo.

For example, the other day I wanted to enlarge an applique motif. My original was about 4-3/4" and I needed it to be 7-1/2". In the past, would have kept making copies enlarging a little each time, till it was too big, and back to reduce a little. Instead, I set my scale to line up me original size with my desired size and I only need to make one copy, saving time, ink and paper. And when you're resizing photos, this is especially valuable!

This is the perfect companion to my Cheaper by the Dozen book, to re-size valance patterns!
The Deal: Retail Price - $10.00
"Stuff my Stocking" Special - $6.00

Thank you so much for participating in "Stuff my Stocking"! You have until midnight Friday night to purchase any of the sale items still in stock.

Bonus Offer! Just for reading down to the bottom of my post, I'm offering you free shipping on anything on my website, today only! If there's anything on my website  you'd like to batch with your "Stuff my Stocking", you can add it for no additional shipping!Offer expires, midnight December 14, 2012.  

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