Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 9: Permanent Double stick tape

Today's special is one our best sellers! This 3/8 inch wide double-sided pressure sensitive transparent peel and stick adhesive is industrial strength. After application it cures within twenty-four hours. No ironing required. If desired you may iron the project to set the adhesive even quicker. This tape is not only permanent, it can be washed and dry cleaned. It's perfect for apply decorative trims on your home dec project, a quick hemming job, mending a hard to sew spot, applying scout badges, and more! To see the video clip on how to use this, click here.  The 5 yard roll, normally is 18.00 is on special for $10, the 30 yard roll, normally $40.00 is on special for $24.00.
Sold out "Stuffers" are:
  • Fabric Folding Pen with Magic Crayons - Day 2
  • Bias Guide and Welt Cord bundle - Day 4
Almost Sold Out

  • Brass Seam Rippers
  • Needle Sharpening Pads
  • Pleat tape

How "Stuff my Stocking" works:If you want the daily special, reply to your email and say "stuff my stocking". We'll need your name, mailing address and payment info. On the twelfth day, we'll send all your goodies for a flat shipping fee of $7.50. This promotion is NOT on my website. It's only available to those who are on my mailing list or follow my blog.  Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!

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