Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 8: The Scallop Rulers and Pushers

I know you're all excited to see what today's special is, so here it is! I'm offering the Scallop Ruler Set with the Pusher Set for the amazing price of $65.00!
This 6 piece package normally sells for about $100! These rulers were designed by my friend Janet Platt, and she addressed all the pitfalls of making scallops when designing these rulers. They have continuous scallops, and are easily joined. There's a pivot dot between the scallops so you know how far to clip. When you turn it right side out to press, the teflon pushers are heat resistant so you can push the seam allowances out smoothly. They really are amazing.
For more info on how to use them, you can click here . This special is limited to our stock on hand, so if you want it, reply and say "stuff my stocking", and we'll do the rest. As always, check here to see which specials have been sold out. So far, we have sold out of days 2 & 4. In case you missed the rules and details of this promotion they're also outlined in previous posts. We can bill you by either credit card or paypal on Friday. If you get your payment in by noon, we can ship on friday. Otherwise, we can ship monday, the 17th.

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